Product Review: Specialized Power Expert Saddle

Specialized offers a wide variety of road bike saddles. Actually they have so many, you may even feel a bit lost deciding which one is right for you. Finding a great saddle is one of the most important things you can do to customize and tailor your bike fit to your body. It becomes even more important if you will be riding long distances, and increasing training efforts. Not only your behind, but your whole body will thank you.

After realizing that the width of my saddle may be too small, it came time to try and find something right. I stumbled across the Specialized Power Expert at a local bike shop, and decided to give it a go.

Here are the specs:

  • Weight: 233 g (smallest size, comes in 3 sizes for a tailored fit)
  • Carbon shell and titanium rails for ultra-light weight
  • Level 2 padding (low to mid-range padding, a step up from the Power Pro saddle in terms of comfort, but still ultra-light)
  • Body Geometry designed by Specialized: Cut out portion of saddle relieves pressure



After a quick test ride, I found this saddle extremely comfortable, and best of all it supported my sit bones properly to avoid the very damaging slippage of your hips off the side of the saddle, which occurs when your seat is too narrow. Your sit bones, otherwise known as the ischial tuberosity, are the bones at the bottom of your hip girdle supporting the majority of your weight while riding.  Always have your sit bones measured at the shop, so you are sure you have the right size! This is the best way to avoid unnecessary injuries. When your body weight is not supported properly, other areas can overcompensate to support the weight and you will not be a happy cyclist.

So I took the saddle home, and have been using it for a good 4 months. And to my surprise, there are no issues whatsoever! This is hands down the best saddle that I have ever owned. I honestly was initially worried about it’s ultra-light, racing style design and minimal padding, however this was not a problem. With a supportive width and proper installation on the bike (the seat can be moved forward or backward, and tilted slightly up or down to best fit the set-up of your bike), the seat fits like a glove.



The padding is “Level 2” out of 6, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is surprisingly shock-absorbent. The amazing part is that the seat is STILL ultra-light if you want to shed weight or race, but it feels extremely comfortable. If you are looking for something strictly for competition and therefore even lighter, the Power Pro model runs about 20 g lighter. There are also the S-Works models which shave even more weight for that competitive edge. This saddle is a good option for those who want to stay light on their training rides.


I am also pleased with the “Body Geometry” style of the seat which is designed to benefit both men and women by relieving pressure on certain groin areas, improving blood flow and overall comfort while shifting weight to the sit bones. This cut out style is an alternative to the “split nose” style of seat popular with many women who are riding in a more aggressive position. It makes a massive difference in my opinion, especially for long rides (100 km +) and if you do use aero bars or ride in a forward/ aggressive position on the bike it will be astonishingly more comfortable regardless of the distance.

Saddles are very subjective and everyone needs to find something that suits them best. I was extremely happy with this seat as it solved nagging hip issues, provides a light but comfortable ride with optimal support for my sit bone width. I highly recommend giving it a try if you are in the market for a new saddle!

Cons: None. This is a great saddle for a reasonable price, and with a happy behind I’m sold.

In Summary: Highly recommended. Ideal light-weight road saddle for women looking to alleviate pressure on long rides. Good for training and racing.

Happy riding!

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