5 Holiday Gifts for the Female Cyclist

When the holidays roll around, and you have a special female cyclist in your life, it can be hard to decide what to get her. She loves cycling, but you can’t afford to get her a bike! What do you do?

Fortunately, there are many other cycling-related gifts you can get that won’t break the bank (if you don’t want it broke)! Here is an assortment of ideas for all budgets and all types of bike-riding women.

 1. For the beauty conscious cyclist: Living Proof split end treatment.

She likes to bike. So why would she want a hair product? Well, cycling can take a toll on our locks, especially if they are long. The wind and matting from the helmet can damage our ends, and this split end treatment is the perfect antidote. Seriously, it works.

You can purchase it here.


 2. For the practical cyclist: Practical accessories!

A cyclist cannot have enough arm warmers/ leg warmers/ cycling gloves. If they don’t have any, and don’t appear to need them, then they don’t know what they’re missing. If they do, you can always use another pair (or multiple pairs) for different weather conditions. You can help with this! I personally love Pearl Izumi arm warmers.

Here are some thermal arm warmers.



 3. For the hygiene obsessed cyclist: A bike-cleaning kit.

A bucket filled with all of the tools to keep her most prized possession sparkly and clean will make her happier than you could ever know!

Bicycle Buys. Courtesy of Bicycle Buys.

 This cleaning kit from Finish Line has everything contained in one medium sized bucket for easy storage.

4. For the rapidly improving cyclist: A power meter.

Power meters are expensive, and they can be so expensive that a cyclist puts it off for a long time, refraining from the “splurge.” Hence,  it is the perfect gift for someone who is looking to make that jump from athlete to competitive athlete.

Stages has a great power meter that is well-reviewed and simple to install for a good price.

Check out all of the available power meters here.


5. For the humanitarian cyclist: A gift from World Bicycle Relief.

This awesome organization helps to provide bicycles to those who need them to improve their quality of life and to access to resources including health care and education. They have an amazing selection of gifts including cool t-shirts, bike tool kits, framed cycling photos, bike pumps, coffee, wine and even jerseys! A percentage of your purchase will go to help this excellent cause. You can also make a donation on someone’s behalf and have a card sent to them. The humanitarian in your life will love this gift of giving.

Here is a link to all of the gifts.

World Bicycle Relief. Courtesy of World Bicycle Relief


Happy holidays!

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