About Salt & Carbon

Welcome, fellow cyclists!

Thanks for stopping by to check out Salt & Carbon.

This blog began with one goal: to encourage and inspire women’s cycling.

In a moment of frustration and inspiration, I called my sister to tell her about my idea to start a blog. Too many times, I had gone from shop to shop, unable to find the gear I needed. Each time, I’d scavenge through the meagre women’s selection, and each time, I was disappointed. Too many times, I’d shown up to a ride, only to realize I was the only female rider, unable to discuss cycling needs with other women. Fortunately, women are more empowered than ever to bike and lead an active lifestyle, however, change can’t happen fast enough. I felt compelled to write about cycling lifestyle from a women’s perspective. 

I grew up in a suburb of Ontario, Canada. From a young age, I swam with the local club and cycled around the neighbourhood. As I grew older, I realized there was something about the outdoors, and the freedom I felt, that kept bringing me back. While completing my PhD in Canada, I became more and more involved in the cycling and triathlon communities, teaching spin classes and competing in races. Cycling allowed me to bond with others, feel capable of more, and challenge myself.

Today, I am an avid cyclist and triathlete living in California, and I’ve been involved for nearly a decade. I love to compete, commute by bike, and experience new places while travelling with my bike.

I want to encourage women to enjoy a cycling lifestyle to the fullest by sharing my knowledge and experiences and providing a supportive community for all.

Happy riding!